Vocal Range for Male and Female Voices

The music on this site is labeled according to vocal range and also includes the highest and lowest pitches of a piece in scientific pitch notation. The guide below shows the high and low pitches in each vocal range as used on this site. Since many sources differ on which pitches are included in each vocal range, this serves as a guide to what we mean when we say a piece is suitable for a particular range such as soprano. These ranges are based on the ranges given by The Harvard Concise Dictionary of Music.

High and Low Pitches for each Vocal Range


Soprano vocal range


Mezzo-soprano vocal range


Contralto vocal range


Tenor vocal range


Baritone vocal range


Bass vocal range

Pitch Names in Scientific Pitch Notation

The chart below lists the natural pitches and their corresponding pitch names for the range of pitches most commonly encountered in vocal music. These correspond to the high and low pitches listed for each piece. Use this as a guide to determine whether a piece is within your vocal range. Note that although only natural pitches are included, you can easily use this to determine flat and sharp pitches as well.

Pitches for vocal ranges